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Adopting a global strategy provides a competitive advantage in cost and effectiveness.


Dual adaptation. By adapting both products and promotion for each market, the firm is adopting a totally differentiated approach .


Market penetration, including sales (by volume and value), market share by product category


Marketing is defined as the process of determining the needs and wants of consumers and being able to deliver products that satisfy those needs and wants.

Marketing includes all of the activities necessary to move a product from the producer to the consumer. Think of marketing as a bridge from the producer to the consumer.

Marketing starts with market research, a learning process in which marketers get to know everything they can about the needs and wants of consumers, and it ends when somebody buys something.

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  • PR Management
    Form Utility - a product must be processed into a form that the customer wants or needs.
  • Global solutions
    information from around the world about market conditions, weather, price movements, and political changes, can affect the marketing process.
  • Progressive Research
    Market information is provided by all forms of telecommunication, such as television, the internet, and phone.
  • New Technologies
    banks and other financial institutions provide money for the production and marketing of products.